Colgate Eco Classica III Crib Mattress Review

A mid-budget crib mattress, Classica III combines, comfort, durability and versatility into one single package. It is manufactured using organic materials and is quickly emerging as the preferred choice among parents looking provide the safest sleeping environment for their kid. Here is how the Classica III performs in all areas.

Initial Impressions

Like other organic mattresses, there is no dreadful chemical smell once you open the packaging. In fact the pleasing smell near the cover is satisfying. It has two separate sides for the toddler and the new born and they are clearly labelled. It is quite thick (6 inches to be exact) and this ensures tight-fitting sheets in the crib. The seams on the top are inverted and this gives it a smooth finish.


The mattress has dual firmness which means there are two different sides in the mattress with different sturdiness. Infants need a sturdier side to protect them from SIDS or suffocation but as they grow they despise sleeping on such a hard mattress and in that case you can switch to the more comfortable side.

Some parents complained that it is too thick and firm even on the toddler side. The Naturepedic No Compromise Organic cotton classic (An organic inner spring mattress) can be a good organic alternative in this regard.


Classica III uses plant based foam which means that plant bases oils have been used in manufacturing instead of petroleum oils and polyurethane. It has also been certified CertiPur US for low emissions. Increasing studies have shown that traditional foam mattresses can cause serious complications like Asthma among kids and use of plant based foam is encouraged.

The waterproof cover is made of 100% organic cotton and is free from lead or formaldehyde. Overall, these organic materials guarantee a sound irritation-free sleep for you baby.


At 9.6 pounds it is the lightest organic crib mattress available in the market. Even moms with a petite body can easily change the sheets on their own. It is a pound heavier than the Sealy Soybean Foam Mattress but that is because of the dual firmness in the Classica III.


Firstly, the organic waterproof cover is non-removable. It is more susceptible to stains and cleaning this can be exasperating. An additional waterproof cover is highly recommended with this.

Overall, if you can deal with the few cleaning woes and get a cover, you will be pretty happy with the Colgate Classica III.

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