Best Organic Naturepedic Crib Mattress

If you are looking for an organic mattress which provides solid support, you should go for the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra 252. It features 252 high gauge coils for the ultimate sturdiness. You can’t get more firm.

However if you are looking for something which is lightweight, Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Mattress. At just 10 pounds, changing sheets will be a breeze. 

Naturepedic leads the industry when it comes to organic crib mattresses. Many parents are realizing the disastrous results posed by traditional mattresses, and organic environments give the best possible start to your child.

Top Common Features in Naturpedic Crib Mattresses

But choosing the right mattress that suits your needs can be a bit difficult, so we have first listed the common features in all Naturepedic Crib mattresses followed by the main differentiating features in each of them.

Completely Organic

Organic Cotton and food grade polyethylene are the major components of Naturepedic mattresses. But what exactly is organic cotton?

Naturepedic sources cotton from the most organic farms of the country which use 100% natural ingredients for growing cotton, and no pesticides are used. This makes the cotton completely chemical free right from the start.

Polyethylene might make you think it some kind of harmful chemical. Well the manufacturers use food-grade polyethylene, certified by the USDA, which assures that it is suitable for human consumption (don’t eat it though ;)).

Also its mattresses’ have received many certifications like the GreenGuard Gold and GOTS, which guarantee that it is 100% safe.

Since they are manufactured & packaged in safe environment there is absolutely no chemical smell.

Dual Firmness

All Naturepedic mattresses feature dual firmness. This means that there are two different sides, the firmer side for new-borns while a much comfier side for toddlers.

Infants need a firm hard surface which provides proper support and prevents suffocation (Major reason for SIDS).

However as they grow up and become impressionable they despise sleeping on such hard surfaces. You can then switch to more comfortable cushiony side. Both these sides are clearly labelled in Naturepedic mattresses.

Also all these mattresses are highly durable and will last for a long time. You can even use them for your second baby and you will experience zero drop in firmness or comfort.

Water Proof and Fire Safe

Organic Cotton cover is used for waterproofing and it shields liquid from entering the core of the mattress. Even if you find stains on the surface you can easily clean them with a damp cloth.

The organic cotton cover also proves to be a great fire barrier as the natural fibrous layer meets all requirements laid by Fire Regulatory authorities.

Unlike other organic crib mattresses naturepedic doesn’t use latex or coir which are prone to cause allergic reactions among babies.

Naturepedic mattresses aren’t the most breathable, and if you live in humid conditions we recommend to use the Naturepedic Waterproof Pad or the Softest Protector Pad.

Common Issues

There are few size issues with Naturpedic crib mattresses and some of them maybe small for you crib. We highly recommend you to verify the size of the crib with the mattress before buying.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra 252


This variant uses 252 high gauge coils which give the mattresses solid construction and provide top-grade support. Added 6 gauge wire is used around the edges which increases the durability.

A seamless design prevents cervixes and you won’t have to encounter that stubborn dirt while cleaning.

Finally, this is as firm as you can get in a crib mattress and this mattress provides the best protection against suffocation or SIDS.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 150


This is quite similar to the above variant, the only major difference being it uses lesser no. of coils (150 to be exact).

It makes the infant side comparatively less firm and the toddler side is a lot comfier. If you don’t want your kid to sleep on a really hard surface, you can go with this one.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Mattress


The above two variants are a tad heavy with weight close to 20 pounds. Sometimes managing the baby and changing the sheets at the same time is unavoidable and it is sure shot nightmare for moms.

A lightweight mattress comes really handy in such situations and this variant comes at weight which is less than 10 pounds. Changing sheets with this will be really easy and won’t require any assistance.

Furthermore, Naturepedic with its wave support technology has managed to bring the same level of strength and support as 150 coil variant into a much lighter model. All this makes this a recommended choice for parents with convenience.

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