Best Organic Crib Mattress – Top Picks and Reviews 2019

If you are looking to buy an organic crib mattress you are obliviously concerned about your baby’s health and we have the list of top 5 organic crib mattresses that will ensure a safe & sound sleep for your child.

If you don’t want to spare any expense for your toddler’s health and want to go for 100% organic mattress we recommend Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic.

However if you are looking for budget option that uses a mix of organic and synthetic materials, you can go for Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss 2 Stage.

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic

Naturepedic No Compromise is one of the few crib mattresses in the market which are 100% organic. It also walks the talk with individual materials as well as the final product certified by top authorities (mentioned below).

Natural filling and Outside Fabric

This mattress uses 100% organic cotton, free from any pesticide and the core of the mattress is free from potentially deadly chemicals. For waterproofing it uses polyethylene which meets food safety standards and does a great job at handling saliva or urine. Thanks to the seamless design, it is pretty easy-clean.

It meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which puts it in a rare league among crib mattresses. The cotton uses is certified by the USDA and the final product is tested and certified by GREENGUARD Select.

Firm and Versatile

This mattress uses 150 13 gauge coils which provides for exemplary sturdiness and weight distribution. It also features 9 gauge border wire for added edge support. Finally compliance with CPSC standards fortifies zero suffocation problems.

The two stage dual firmness makes it a good option for long term usage as you can use the firmer side for your new-born and as he grows you can switch to the softer side.

Where it lags!

It excels in almost every area however few customers have reported size issues. Parents using Da Vinci cribs complained that the mattress was too small for the crib and they had to return it. The No compromise comes with dimensions of 6×27.8×52 inches, and you can verify the size of your crib before buying.

In conclusion, 100% organic materials (backed by independent certifications), sturdy support and great waterproofing will make sure that your baby will sleep (and grow) in a non-toxic cosy environment. 

Sealy Nature Couture Cotton Bliss 2 Stage Infant toddler Crib Mattress

With a relatively cheaper price tag this mattress isn’t 100% organic. Only the cover is made up of organic cotton while the core is made up of polyester. However it passes the chemical emissions test and is GREENGUARD GOLD certified.

Solid Support

In terms of support it gives Naturepedic mattresses a run for their money. It consists of high gauge 204 steel coils which are heat-tempered for proper posture support. With a 6 gauge steel and six Everedge pylons the sides and corners provide ultimate stability and support.


It uses Crypton Clean Sleep technology to prevent the liquid from creating harmful toxins. You can easily clean the cover and the lock-stitched binding makes sure that the liquids from the diapers don’t seep in the mattress. The stain resistant coating and airflow pockets keep the Nature Couture odour free.


Few customers reported that once they got the mattress they were treated with an unpleasant chemical smell. This is probably generated from the polyester. It is advised to keep the mattress in the open for 2-3 days and then use it in the crib.

Some parents also found the mattress to be heavier. However the heavier weight is a result of high density coils which make the mattress firm and stable.

Overall, if you are looking for a firm mattress with mostly organic materials you can go for this.

Colgate Eco Classica III Dual firmness Crib mattress

This is our top recommendations for parents looking for a mid-budget crib mattress. It uses 100% organic cotton cover and the plant based foam constitutes the inner part of the mattress. The foam is CertiPur-US certified which guarantees that this mattress is free from mercury, lead, formaldehyde and other deadly substances. With a Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission you won’t have to worry about any toxic gases.


An admired feature of the Classica III is the weight. At ten pounds it is one of lightest crib mattress you will find. This means you easily change the sheets by using just one hand.

The easy to clean rag, is water resistant however since the cotton cover is not removable, an extra pad will come in handy.

Like other mattresses in our list, it also features dual firmness, providing a firmer side for your toddler and a relatively softer side for your toddler.

Where it lags!

Since it uses plant foam for the support it lacks the density you associate with an innerspring mattress. It also lacks any added edge support which is shame since the much cheaper Sealy Cotton Bliss 2, has a much sturdier construction.

Also few parents complained about the shabby stitching (not typical) and this may cause the stuffing to pop out.

The Eco Classica III is recommended for toddlers who despise sleeping on rock hard mattresses and if you change crib sheets frequently, the light weight of the mattress will make the process a lot simpler.

Natural Coco Mat

If you are looking for a breathable crib mattress for humid weather conditions or insulation from cold weather, then the Coco Mat would be our top recommendation. Organic materials like coir (made from coconut husk), organic Lambswool and natural cotton put it among a rare breed of 100% organic crib mattresses.

Splendid Thermal Properties

The coir made of coconut husks is wrapped in organic lambswool and this results in a breathable fibrous layer. It will keep your baby cool even in the hottest conditions which you experience in California. The insulating properties of lambswool will keep your baby warm in colder conditions. Since this is a natural fire resistant material, it is able to meet federal & state fire safety standards without any added chemicals.

Finally the coir wrapped in wool is dipped in organic extracts which will keep dust mites at an arm’s length.


Since this doesn’t use any polyurethane you will need an additional Naturemat protector to make it completely waterproof. This makes the product fairly expensive, but with organic components grown in natural (and chemical free) conditions, the Coco Mat ensures that your baby gets the desired irritation free sleep and mothers will have their peace of mind.

In conclusion, this organic crib mattress is highly recommended for colder or humid conditions. 

L A Baby Organic Cotton 2 in One Orthopedic Crib Mattress

An economical crib mattress that provides decent support and sturdy construction. With 250 steel coils and added edge support this product has the desired strength.

It uses USDA certified organic cotton pad to provide the insulation and comfort.

However most customers were not satisfied with the thermal properties and we don’t recommend it for colder environments.

The Jacquard fabric provides standard waterproofing and good quality cover pad will be required.


First up, the side for new-borns isn’t firm enough. Your baby might feel suffocated and it is best to go for Naturepedic No Compromise if you are shopping for an infant.

Next, although the manufacturers brand this as organic, it uses polyurethane for waterproofing and boric acid to meet the fire safety standards.

These products are not known to have any harmful effects but this mattress won’t give your baby the safety that comes with a 100% organic crib mattress.

We would recommend this for parents who are low on budget and need a firm crib mattress for their toddler.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for an Organic Crib Mattress

If you are coming here you probably know the benefits of organic mattress. Traditional mattresses (which are still preferred by many) can prove to be disastrous for your babies. They are loaded with harmful synthetic foam, vinyl and chemical fire retardants. Studies have shown they can hamper the growth of your child and cause deadly complications which tend to spring later in life.

If you want to avoid all this want to give your baby the perfect start to his or her life then you are better off with organic mattresses.

The demand of such mattresses on the rise, but they don’t come in cheap. Also it difficult to find a 100% organic crib mattresses and only the Naturepedic No Compromise and Naturemat Coco Mat fall into this definition.

Types of organic Mattresses

Foam based – They are some manufactures which used plant based foams. They are particularly lightweight and provide more comfort for toddlers. A good foam based organic mattress is the Colgate Eco Classica III.

Innerspring – They use steel gauge coils and provide the desired stability and support. Softer mattresses increase the risk of SIDS among infants and it is better to go for a firm mattress. The Naturepedic No Compromise & Sealy Nature Coture Bliss 2 use this type of construction.

All Natural – Some mattresses like the Coco Mat use completely natural materials to form the core. They are free from chemicals and have great thermal properties. However they are fairly expensive and recommended for the most serious of parents.

What to look for in a Crib mattress?

There are few things which you must go through before buying a crib mattress and we have simplified the process for you.

  • Size – It is imperative that mattresses fits into the crib. Spaces between the crib and the mattress can be unsafe. Most manufactures comply with the standard guidelines, but exceptions are always there.
  • Firm – Crib mattresses are lot firm than your normal mattresses. This prevents suffocation problems and aids in growth of your baby.
  • Water Resistance – Since liquids are associated with babies, crib mattresses should be waterproof. However it is crucial that natural materials (like food grade polyethylene) are used for this otherwise it can result in emission of toxic gases. An added pad is often recommended to add the waterproofing capabilities.
  • Breathability – Finally breathability is necessary to let the air pass out. Natural materials like lambswool not only keep the baby cool in hotter conditions but keep them warm in colder conditions.

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